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A's Sourdough by A's Pizza

How to heat up A's Sourdough Babka, Star Bread, Boats, Wreath?

Put them into a 300f oven for 8-10 minutes.

About Us

We are the owners and operators of A's Pizza Truck in Newmarket, ON - Canada. (Chef) Akos and Erika, we are husband and wife, and we've been in the pizza business (small family business) since 2015. Akos has been a Pizzaiolo since 2003. A's Sourdough Breads are very popular amongst our customers, so we would like to give more people to have the best sourdough experience by offering local delivery. We use the best ingredients possible.

Delivery Info

Useful information about delivery system and our online store operation.
Local delivery in Newmarket, Ontario. You have to place your order by Monday 6pm the latest, delivery day is Wednesday from 2:00pm. We close down the online store on Monday 6:00pm and reopen on Wednesday 6:00pm for next week's delivery. If the store is not open (no items visible), it means we can't take more orders or we're not open for orders yet. Delivery times vary depending on your selected delivery address. We have a flat rate delivery fee: $3.00, and if your total is more than $60.00, we deliver your order free of charge.

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Thank you for visiting our page and/or ordering from us! One more thing before you go, "The pizza project" book is available on Amazon.
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